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                 Jesus Poster


Click here for instructions to create 
your own Jesus poster.

Click here to print out your own
Jesus letters.

       Video of Today's Lesson

The Nelson Children’s Bible, No
Ghost, p.235; The Doubter, p.236.

Bible reference: Luke 24:36-43,
John 20:24-29

Click here to watch the Thursday 
Bible Lesson.


            (Do One or Both)

             Sound Experiment

After watching the first part of the video,
go inside and outside listening for sounds. 
The second part of the video is more the
explanation of sound and preschoolers
may not have enough attention to continue.

Click here to watch the sound
experiment video.

              Milk Experiment

There are two experiments on this site
using milk (nonfat milk will not work
because the experiment requires the fat
in the milk) or almond milk.  Scroll down
to the detailed instructions portion of the
video for how to do the experiments and why
they work.  Materials Needed: Almond milk
or cow’s milk, dish soap, Q-tips, cotton balls,
food coloring, shallow plate or wide bowls.  
Click here to watch the milk experiment 

  To Listen and Sing Along With

Click here to listen to Hallelu, Praise
Ye the Lord.

Click here to listen to Open the Eyes
of My Heart.

Click here to listen to Give Me a



Click here for Simon Says for Children.

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VBS@look2sea.com if you would like 
to have a picture posted on our VBS

Click here to view the VBS photos.

Any videos or pictures submitted will
be viewed on the Holy Cross website.


Any questions or concerns about VBS should be directed to Karen Heinitz, VBS Director, through the church office at 408-356-3525

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