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      Simple Science Experiments

Click here for Rock Candy Experiment.
Ingredients:  sugar, water, food coloring
(optional), candy flavoring (optional) 

Supplies: skewers, jar or glass,
saucepan, clothespins. 

Total time:  7 days

Click here for Disappearing Eggshell

  Egg, vinegar, mason
jar with ring and lid
Total Time: 2 days

Click here for DIY Surprise Eggs

  Baking soda, vinegar, food coloring.
Total time:  About 24 hours



            Video of Today's Lesson:

The Nelson Children's Bible, No Ghost,
p. 235; The Douibter, p.236

Bible reference: Luke 24:36-43,
John 20:24-29

Click here to watch the Thursday Bible Lesson

The Nelson Children’s Bible is used with permission of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.


Click here to listen to I Believe.

Click here to listen to Open the Eyes of My Heart.

Click here to listen to My Savior My God.


Click here for "What Did Thomas Do
After Seeing Jesus?" puzzle.         



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