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(Please return these forms to Holy Cross either by email to hclccstaff@gmail.com or by printing copies and mailing them to: 

15885 Los Gatos Almaden Road
Los Gatos, CA 95032


2020 First Time Student Forms
(Add for all first time students)

Click and fill out forms 1-6 below:

  1. Family Questionnaire
  2. Parent Rights
  3. Personal Rights
  4. Rights of the Licensing Agency
  5. Visual Release
  6. List of Items for Emergency Kit

2020-2021 School Year Only Registration 
(Complete for school year if not attending summer program)

Click and fill out forms 1-5 below:

  1. School Year Stage One Agreement
  2. Emergency Information and Identification
  3. Emergency Consent
  4. School Year Questionnaire
  5. Bus Rules


2020 Add for School Year Registration
(Complete if enrolling in summer and also school year)

Click and fill out forms 1-2 below:

  1. School Year Stage One Agreement
  2. School Year Questionnaire


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