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Monday Preschool VBS

God is Love, You are His Child,
           and He loves you

Click here for your activity sheet

Color and cut out one or more hearts. 
Find a place somewhere in your house to
put the heart(s) and tape them into place
using masking tape.

       Video of Today's Lesson:

The Lion Storyteller Bible, In the
Beginning, pp.8,9 and The Earth Book
by Todd Paar.

Bible reference: Gen. 1-2

Click here to watch the Monday Bible lesson.

The Lion Storyteller Bible is used by permission of Lion Hudson, a
Part of the SPCK Group. The Earth Book is used with permission from
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. 


                Clay Activity

If you were God, what would you make? 
What would you call it?  Use clay, or make
the recipe for clay, to make your own

Click here to watch how to make
homemade dough clay.  No cooking
necessary.  Use 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt,
and 1 cup of water for this recipe.

   To Listen and Sing Along With

Click here to listen to God of Creation.

Click here to listen to Thank You Lord for Making Me.

Click here to listen to Butterfly Song.


Click here to join us jumping up and
down to music.

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