Many Needy Families Blessed This Season

Blessed to Bless Others!  Through the generous hearts and hands at Holy Cross we have been blessed by the Lord to directly help over 116 families in need this Christmas season through our Community Outreach programs.  Our Children’s Center provided gifts for 35 Veteran's family children and our congregation provided gifts for the teens and adult veterans - families in extreme need.  Together we raised over $3,000 in N.O.W. (NO ONE WANTS) funds. These were put together with funds from our year-round Adopt A Family program to provide $250 Target gift cards for each of 31 families, including 20 veteran's families, to be used for food, clothing, and/or Christmas gifts for their family this Christmas.  Donated Halloween candy was a welcome treat for the San Jose Vet Center veterans, HOPE and COME families!

At the Veterans Christmas party on December 8 the N.O.W. gift cards were distributed.  Over 110 adults and children were fed a Christmas dinner held at First Immanuel Lutheran Church and many heartfelt tears of joy, thanks and hugs were shared.  Our N.O.W. program also provided new windbreakers, socks and toiletries for 50 mentally and physically disabled seniors at the HOPE Rehabilitation Senior Center.  Lastly we were also able to support the C.O.M.E. program (Community Outreach Ministry Endeavor) at First Immanuel Lutheran Church with gifts for 10-12 year-olds of low income families in San Jose.  These are small ways that God has enabled us to make a difference in the lives of those in extreme need and to help them know that Jesus loves them and cares for them.

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