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  Who Does Jesus Want You to Love?


Materials Needed:  Markers and/or crayons,
masking tape or Scotch tape.

Procedure:  Let the children color the word
“LOVE” in any way they like.  Ask the
children who Jesus wants them to love. 
Have the children draw pictures of the
people they love under the word “LOVE.”  
Tape the picture somewhere in the house.

Click here to print the "LOVE" page

       Video of Today's Lesson

The Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers, A Short
Man, pp. 134-138 (Luke 19:1-10); I Am a
Kindness Hero by Jennifer Adams.

Bible reference:  Luke 19:1-10

Click here to watch the Friday Bible Lesson.

The Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers is used with permission of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.


            Zacchaeus Puppet Story

Materials Needed:  Markers or crayons,
scissors, two sticks (Popsicle, tongue
depressor, chopstick, etc.), masking tape
or Scotch tape.

Procedure:  Follow the instructions printed
on the page. 

Click here for puppets and instructions.

Click here to use the Zacchaeus song to tell
the story, let the child use the puppets to act
it out.

  To Listen and Sing Along With

Click here to listen to Zacchaeus.

Click here to listen to Love One Another.

Click here to listen to Love Will Never End.

Click here to listen to The Earth is My Home.



Click here for I Can Move My Body
Like Anything.

10 Ways Kids Can Help Save the Planet

Click here for 10 Ways Kids Can Help 
Save the Planet.  

As a parent, go over with your child(ren) the
ten ways to help save the planet.  As
caretakers of the world we live in, God would
have us love it and care for it.  These ten ways
can help in the process of saving the planet. 
Decide on one or more ways that you can do
as a family to help care for the planet and carry
out your decision.  (Try it for one day, one week,
or more.)  Discuss with your child(ren) how
they feel about what they are doing. Is it hard? 
Does it make them feel good?  Is it important to
continue? Do they feel that they are caring for
the planet? Etc.



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