COVID-19 Protocols


Here at Holy Cross we have been working hard on getting protocols in place for an eventual re-opening. Our utmost goal is to make a safe and welcoming place for your children in the midst of all that has been happening in our world. We will have our first day open on Tuesday, May 26th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are an essential worker and would like to send your child soon please confirm this with Cynthia and Michelle and we will make the necessary preparations to have space for your child.

To that end, we have been consulting with licensing and with our Board of Directors about how a reopening will look.

1. Licensing still requires that we only serve families for whom at least one of the parents is an essential worker. The list of essential workers has expanded somewhat.  Click here to  view the county's latest list. Licensing is very strict on this aspect of things.

2. We are still to keep the children to groups of 10. Day in and day out they would be with the same group of children. This is to avoid as much cross-transmission as possible. Click here to view our new sign in and out protocols are attached below.

3. Before coming back to work, all staff will be trained in our new, thorough disinfecting and cleaning protocols. Teachers will wear face coverings at all times. Hand sanitizers and access to soap and water will always be available. Click here to our "Teacher Protocols," and "Action Plans".

4. Children will be asked to wear face coverings--try to make this fun for them. They can wear something as simple as a bandana. This link from the CDC has suggestions and, if you scroll down, there are a couple of ideas for making your own simple masks.

5. There will be time allotted each day for any school work that the child still needs to be done. Children will be asked to bring their own Chromebook (or other device) on which to do their homework. They will have wifi access here.

6. We are asking that parents provide a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. This will also lessen the chance of cross-transmission.

7. We will have outside play but with a different look. Children will not share any equipment, including balls. We have purchased some bouncy balls that attach to the wrist and each child will pick their own and keep the ball in their cubby until needed. Children will also be able to use hula hoops, individual jump ropes, and the like. All equipment will be sanitized between each use.

8. The children will be encouraged to social distance from other children and teachers but we understand that they are children and will be as flexible as possible with them while trying to keep everyone safe.

9. Worship time will be done with just one group at a time outdoors with social distancing.

We look forward to the growth of the list of essential workers as California continues through the phased reopening. It is difficult to know what the future holds as far as summer and the school year are concerned but we will be here to serve you to the best of our ability.


God bless, Cynthia and Michelle


Children's Center