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Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Children's Center
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We welcome you to join us at any time for worship, Bible study, and any activities that interest you.

If you would like to learn more about what our church believes, an eight-week class is offered several times a year. This class leads you through the beliefs of the Lutheran Church, and is open to everyone.

If you are interested in joining Holy Cross, please talk to a Pastor, or call the Church office (408-356-3525) for more information.  If you are not ready to become a member, we still invite you to worship with us any time!

What Does Church Membership Mean?
The Church is more than an organization - it is the Body of Christ. Membership in the Church means to be part of God's mission - Christ's continuing work on earth. Church membership involves:

When we worship with other Christians, receive The Lord's Supper, and pray, we come close to God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and find forgiveness and new hope for living each day.

Christians support, pray for, and comfort one another. They enjoy the company of other Christians because they are brothers and sisters in God's Forever Family.

Personal Growth
Christians find in the Bible the Holy Spirit's counsel in applying God's Promises to their needs and goals and relationships.

When we participate in the congregation's mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we bring God's love to our homes, neighbors, and nations of the entire world.

Service and Stewardship
For Jesus' sake, Christians look for ways to care for people who are in need of physical and spiritual relief and hope. We use what God has graciously given us to build His Church and its' impact in our community.